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LACY, Massage therapist

I have been fascinated by anatomy and movement therapy since I can remember! This has fueled my dedication to my ever evolving practice since the year 2001. It is thrilling to be a part of the blossoming health and wellness industry. My work experience has taken me down many wonderful paths of growth and my love for bodywork expands with every new interaction.


It is my calling to share my accumulated knowledge and capabilities with those seeking relief, restoration, balance, and a deeper understanding of the inner workings of their bodies which can closer align you with the mind and spirit.


My style is inspired by the client! Let's communicate to create a compass for me to work in the direction of your needs. The most enjoyable exchanges are when we both learn something and leave inspired.


My longtime clients call me dancing hands and appreciate my subtle infusion of Craniosacral techniques bringing calm comfort to the central nervous system. My approach is intuitive, precise and efficient. My methods have emerged from exposure to a melting pot of modalities and medicinal philosophies. It is my objective to custom fit your wants into the ultimate session with a flow as unique as you are. I hold a calm and safe space for those seeking assistance with any kind of pain {head, neck and hip trauma are my specialties}, injury, athletic events, pre and post natal, and the inevitable buildup of mental, emotional and physical stress.

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